i make normally boring copy good and interesting and stuff

(and sometimes even funny)

I’m Karen Marston, the best freelance copywriter in Edinburgh (and I toooootally get how SEO works).

I specialise in conversational copy that people read all the way to the end and then do the thing you want them to do.

Things I tell people to try and make myself sound impressive:

  • Writer for The Guardian
  • Guest lecturer at Edinburgh College
  • First-class degree in Journalism
  • Been called ‘inspiring’ at least twice
  • Often respond to emails ON THE SAME DAY
  • Am not the only person who laughs at my jokes
  • Usually put USB cables in the right way round on the first try
  • Really good at poaching eggs
  • Nice hair???

things i am really quite terrific at

  • Website copy
  • Sales pages
  • Marketing emails
  • App copy
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Ebooks
  • Course content
  • Case studies
  • Other internety things
  • Styling it out when I wave at a stranger

things i am truly terrible at

  • Generic, cliched, jargon-filled, buzzword-centric bullshit

sighted in the wild

Mad Challenges: website copy

Brief: explain how this non-profit works without getting preachy about the environment

Tone of voice: enthusiastic, fun, welcoming

See it live: home / how it works / about us / events / contact us

McGarry Fashion: website copy & video scripts

Brief: get this Irishman’s cheeky personality on the page while keeping things professional

Tone of voice: edgy, confident, charismatic

See it live: home / about / what we do / SEO / PPC / content marketing / Amazon marketing / paid social / consulting / contact us

Liminal Pages: longform sales pages

Brief: help this lovely, talented editor sell out her courses without feeling like a sell-out

Tone of voice: authoritative, wise, kind

See it live: Developmental Editing: Fiction Theory / Start Fiction Editing

praise from smart, discerning people

After researching for the better part of a year I stumbled across a blog. The writer didn’t just have flair, she had a way with words that was magnetic. Very few writers have this gift. The writer was Karen Marston.

We hired her and in the first week of our new copy going live we had two excellent business leads as a result. More importantly, I felt like our brand had a voice, and our voice suddenly had a brand. As investments go, worth every penny.

– Andrew McGarry, Managing Director at McGarry Fashion

I’ve hired Karen to write sales pages for me and to go through course material I’ve written to check for errors and add a little punch of personality. I honestly don’t know how she writes such engaging copy! Since using what she wrote for me, both my courses have sold out on multiple occasions.

I’m stoked at how the writing still sounds like me and gets across exactly the information I need it to. It’s always fun to work with Karen, and it’s a good feeling knowing that my business copy is in such safe hands.

– Sophie Playle, Director at Liminal Pages

Karen understands who you are and what you need almost from minute one. I sent Karen what I had, what I was trying to achieve and who my target audience was. We had a long chat to discuss what I was expecting, to clarify what I wanted and, I think importantly, for Karen to work out who I was.

A couple of days later the first draft turned up and I was blown away. Karen had got it. I would work with Karen again and have already recommended her to a friend. If you want a website that stands out from all those mundane sites we see every day, contact Karen – you will not be disappointed.

– Rick Fawcett, Founder at RFCM

money and other awkward topics

No, just the money stuff, actually. Let’s keep it simple:

My minimum project fee/monthly retainer is £1000.

A basic website package comes in at around £2000.

If you need something TOMORROW, I’ll either charge a 25% rush fee orrrr tell you Sorry dahhlink, I’m far too busy and important, then snap my folding fan shut and sashay out the door.

Give me a shout about what you need and I’ll put together a quote and timeline for you (after I’ve probed you about your business, your needs, and your ultimate worldly desires, of course).

let’s get this ball going, or whatever

If you’re based in Edinburgh, I can come into your office or meet you for a coffee if you fancy. If you’re not based in Edinburgh, or are just not into that, THAT’S OKAY. Skype and email are things. (I work with clients all over the world.)

Email: karen@untamedwriting.com