Conversational copywriting to make brands feel human.

I’m Kaz Marston, a copywriter based in Edinburgh, and my forte is writing copy that makes brands feel human.

I’ve been writing and editing professionally since 2012, hold a first-class degree in Journalism from the University for the Creative Arts, and am a former guest-lecturer in copywriting at Edinburgh College.

Since I’m bragging, you might also be interested to know I usually put USB cables in the right way round on the first try and am very good at poaching eggs.

My specialities are:

  • Creating sleaze-free sales copy that makes the reader feel like they know you.
  • Editing long documents (like reports and workbooks) to be more concise and engaging.
  • Penning ‘realistic, empathetic, actionable and hilarious’ blog posts and articles.
  • Transforming dry and incomplete notes into something coherent, dynamic and fun to read.
  • Treading the fine line between professional and edgy (applies to both my work and my wardrobe).
  • Writing newsletters people ‘read all the way to the end every time’ and ‘actually look forward to opening’.

‘She didn’t just have flair, she had a way with words that was magnetic. Very few writers have this gift. That writer was Kaz Marston.’ — Andrew McGarry

Things I write.

  • App copy
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Email templates
  • Newsletters
  • Product descriptions
  • Reports & summary reports
  • Sales pages
  • Social media profiles
  • Video scripts
  • Websites
  • Workbooks

‘Kaz!!!!! I read the pages you sent me. OH. MY. GOD!! I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!’ — Kate Wolfe

Things I do not write.

  • Generic, clichéd, jargon-filled, buzzword-centric nonsense

‘Kaz, where have you been hiding all these years? This is fab! I’ve used many copywriters over the years and your work is always spot on, well-written and I love your writing style.’ — Kay Dinsdale

Things I have written.

I’ve written sponsored content for national newspapers, summary reports to be debated in Scottish Parliament, ‘engaging and accessible’ reports for universities, app copy for tech startups, case studies for charities, brochures for charities, brochures for businesses, and countless websites, articles, sales copy and other content for a range of clients. I’ve also edited and rewritten tons of longform content, from ebooks to toolkits to courses.

My clients include The Guardian, educational institutes like the University of Stirling and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, national charities like Foundation Scotland and the Energy Saving Trust, local businesses like Blair Cadell and Jeffreys Interiors, marketing agencies like the McGarry Agency and RocketMill, and many other small businesses, freelancers, startups and agencies.

‘The first draft turned up and I was blown away. If you want a website that stands out from all those mundane sites we see every day, contact Kaz.’ — Rick Fawcett

Money and other awkward topics.

Just the money stuff, actually. Let’s keep it simple:

I charge per project, rather than on an hourly or daily basis.

For brand work, my minimum project fee is £1,000. To give you an idea of what that looks like, a simple website package comes in at around £2,000.

For editing work, I charge £0.08/word (minimum fee £500). I may provide a free sample edit of up to 500 words (for bigger projects).

For anything else, let’s talk.

‘The copy you provided definitely has the wow factor. It’s the perfect balance between edgy and credible.’ — Aileen Baird

Let’s talk.

Give me a shout and I’ll put together a quote and timeline for you (after I’ve probed you about your project, your needs, and your ultimate worldly desires).

If you need something tomorrow, I’ll either charge a rush fee or tell you I’m too busy, snap my folding fan shut and sashay out the door.